Donald Machholz

It happens in 2020 on the 21st of June

When the sun in the sky gets hidden by the moon

The moon’s so far away it can’t cover the sun totally

So, a ring of fire will be visible locally

There will be no corona visible, at least not in the sky

You need a filter to see this or else you will burn your eye

The Congo is where it is first seen by those without myopia

Then through South Sudan and into Ethiopia

Mid-morning it visits Yemen and slide by Oman’s capital city

Filter it and take a look I bet it’s mighty pretty

Pakistan sees the sun assume the shape of a ring

Then onto northern India where the eclipse becomes “a thing”

Tibet is next then China, sharing this afternoon view

Something that everyone can look up to

Taiwan gets to jump on then the eclipse sinks into the ocean

A day of emotion, a moon in slow motion, proving Newton’s three laws of motion