Star Parties 2017 Rev 5 ~ Printable Schedule (PDF)

Free Star Parties: 2017

We bring and set up our telescopes. There is no charge for telescopic viewing. Dress warmly.

If the weather is overcast or raining the session is canceled. Restrooms are available at all sites.

American River Canyon Overlook = Auburn Dam Overlook

Also known as the Auburn Skate Park. To get there, go to downtown Auburn, to the historic Courthouse. One of the roads

branching from there is Auburn-Folsom Rd. Take that east to the third stoplight (about a mile). This is Pacific Avenue.

Turn left. Go about 0.6 miles to the American River Canyon Overlook, which is on your right. We set up at the far (east)

end of the parking lot.

Sugar Pine Reservoir Boat Launch Parking Lot

Take Interstate 80 to the Foresthill Road Exit in Auburn. Go east at the end of the off ramp. Go east 18 miles (about 25

minutes) on Foresthill Road to the town of Foresthill. Continue 9.0 miles to the Sugar Pine Reservoir exit on your left.

Follow that for 5.7 miles (10 minutes) to the Boat Launch parking lot, which will be on your right. Enter the area and go

right into the large (lower) parking lot. This is it. There are two adjacent parking lots. The telescopes will be set up on the

upper lot, near the far (north) end. Guests park in the lower lot.

Meadow Vista Park

The park is located near downtown Meadow Vista. From Hwy 80 take the Clipper Gap/Meadow Vista exit. Head west for

2.1 miles until you reach Meadow Vista Rd. A Chevron Service Station is at the corner. Turn left. The park is on your

left. We will set up by the tennis courts. Restroom available.

Boca Town Site Trailhead and Stampede Reservoir

Take Interstate 80 east, 10 miles past Truckee, to the Hirschdale Rd exit (Exit #194). At the end of the off ramp, go left,

then left again after going under the overpass. The Boca Town Site Trailhead is in 0.3 miles, immediately past the RR

tracks, on the right. Restroom available. The Stampede site is further north along Stampede Meadows Rd. Go 7 miles past

the Boca site, then turn left on Dog Valley Rd. Immediately after crossing the Stampede Dam (about 1 mile), you have a

turn off to a lookout point to your right. This is it. If you get to the Emigrant Group Camp, you have gone too far.

Placer Nature Center Classes (PNC)

These following classes are not free and you must sign up in advance with the PNC (530) 878-6053. To get there: take

Hwy 80 to Dry Creek Road (north of Auburn). Exit Hwy 80, head west to the stop sign. Turn left onto Dry Creek Rd.

Go one-half mile to the next stop sign. Turn right onto Christian Valley Rd. Stay on this road to the end, (four miles), go

through the gate, and turn left. Plenty of signs. Restroom available.

Astronomy and Stargazing

Do you have an interest in astronomy? This class will help satisfy that desire to know more about the heavens and to look

through the telescope at the moon and planets. The class covers basics about the earth, moon, planets and stars.

Instruction is given in using binoculars and the telescope. Following the workshop, we’ll go outside to view the stars. Call

(530) 878-6053 to sign up in advance for this class.

How To Use Your Telescope

Would you like to get the most out of your telescope? Then bring it to the Placer Nature Center and learn how to use it.

This class is also designed for those wanting to know more about buying a telescope. Telescope basics are discussed,

followed by personal instruction for using one. Following the workshop, we put our telescopes to use. Bring a telescope

and spare parts, a warm coat, and a flashlight. Call (530) 878-6053 to sign up in advance.

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